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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Wikileaks posts hacked DNC voicemails

CNN  Wait! What? Did that actually say CNN? As in Clinton News Network?
"Wikileaks released a series of voicemails Wednesday from the Democratic National Committee hack showing donors plying top-level officials for favors, and one donor expressing outrage that Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders had won a say in the drafting of the party's platform.

"In one of the 29 voicemails released, a woman who donated $300 to Clinton called the party finance director Andrew Wright and said she was angry the party was acquiescing to Sanders by allowing liberal activist and prominent Sanders surrogate Cornel West to have one of 15 seats on the party's platform-writing panel.
. . .
"But most of the released voicemails amount to innocuous messages from one person trying to reach someone else. " 

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