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Monday, August 22, 2016

"Facts favor conservatism, which is why the mainstream media works so hard to hide them."

Woman-writing-300x265Bookworm Room  "How hard does this media work to hide facts? This hard: Larry Correia minces no words when he describes how appalling the American media is when it comes to reporting the news. He sees them as engaged in a four step dance of information death:
  • First, is there anything we can milk from this story to bolster our worldview? Y/N
  • Second, is there anything in this story which could potentially make democrats look bad? Y/N
  • Third, is there anything in this story which will make republicans look stupid or evil? Y/N
  • Fourth, does this event in some way affect us personally? Y/N
"This algorithm explains why, when George Bush waited three days during Hurricane Katrina before making an official visit, so as not to disrupt rescue efforts, every outlet painted him as an out-of-touch racist. Meanwhile, when Obama refuses to leave the golf course, only to announce that, in the face of the worst Hurricane since Sandy, he’ll visit sometime next week, the media is utterly silent. Go here and read exactly how Correia’s questions play out in real time.
. . . 
The Black Lives Matter movement is part of a grander Leftist plan. Pastor Stephen E. Broden argues compellingly (lots of facts and analysis, the way thinking people should argue) that the Black Lives Matter is turning American blacks into pawns as part of a grand plan to turn America into a truly socialist nation. (And Venezuela’s travails tell us how that will turn out.)

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