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Monday, August 22, 2016

Judge Grants Texas-Led Injunction, Freezing Obama’s Transgendered Bathroom Policy

"At a hearing on the injunction in Fort Worth on Aug. 12, lawyers for Texas said the guidelines usurp the authority of school districts nationwide. They said they were at risk of losing billions of dollars in federal funding for education if they did not comply."
Transgender bathroom

"In May, Texas, joined by twelve other states filed suit against the Obama Administration who’d recently issued a national transgendered bathroom use policy for publicly funded schools.

"A mixed bag of states joined Texas in legal action, those states included: Alabama, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Tennessee, Arizona’s Department of Education, Maine Gov. Paul LePage, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Utah, and Georgia.

“ 'This represents just the latest example of the current administration’s attempts to accomplish by executive fiat what they couldn’t accomplish through the democratic process in Congress,”said Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton.

"Late Sunday, a federal judge granted the temporary injunction. Reuters reports:" . . .

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