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Thursday, August 4, 2016

How We Ended Up with Two Manifestly Unfit Candidates

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National Review  . . . "Consider: The presidential nominee of the Democratic party, a haranguing schoolmarm who has spent the last 30 years exploiting her political connections to enrich herself, endangered national security in her most recent stint in public office, and would almost surely be in prison had she a different surname. When not breaking federal law, she promises to entrench and expand on many of the policies of Barack Obama, and almost certainly ensure that the Supreme Court has a secure liberal majority for the next 20 years. 

"Not to be outdone, though, the presidential nominee of the Republican party is a proto-fascist reality-television boss who defends the massacre at Tiananmen Square, mocks handicapped reporters, and attacks the parents of fallen American soldiers. When he is not attending to the woodland creature that perches on his head, he is proposing tariffs that, if implemented, would be economically ruinous; threatening to withdraw from the military alliance that is almost entirely responsible for the stability of postwar Europe; and retweeting white supremacists." . . .Ian Tuttle

Image result for trump vs hillary cartoons

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