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Monday, August 8, 2016

If you are surprised #BlackLivesMatter joined war on Israel, you haven’t been paying attention

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Legal Insurrection

Ferguson Palestine contingent

"Anti-Israel activists played an active role in stoking violence in Ferguson, as I documented inIntifada Missouri – Anti-Israel activists may push Ferguson over the edge and Anti-Israel activist still stoking fires in #Ferguson.

"No other country except Israel is used as pervasively as the connector for intersectionality. It’s a seedy tactic meant to exploit domestic U.S. racial tensions having nothing to do with Israel, and to turn those tensions into racial hatred of the supposedly “white” Israel. Underlying it all are anti-Semitic stereotypes of omnipresent Jewish manipulation, such as those spread by Oberlin College professor Joy Karega.

"There have been successes at the campus level, such as at Oberlin, of inserting anti-Israel language into list of Demands from Black Lives Matter protesters.

"Many of the leading Black Lives Matters leaders are also anti-Israel activists. They receive encouragement and support from people like Marc Lamont Hill for linking Israel to problems of black in the U.S.:" . . .

Omar Barghouti Ferguson

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