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Monday, August 8, 2016

The Cost of Trump’s Letting Hillary Get Away with Repeated Mistakes

Political Cartoons by Steve Breen

Michael Barone  "Opportunity cost. That’s an economist’s term for what you lose out on when you divert your investments and attention to something less profitable. It’s also a good term for the losses Donald 

"Trump has incurred in the last six days — more than 6 percent of the 94 days between the close of the Democratic National Convention and the election in November. Trump has spent much of that time attacking the father and mother of a Muslim U.S. serviceman killed in Iraq. He has made a point of refusing to support Paul Ryan or John McCain in their upcoming primaries. He accepted someone else’s Purple Heart and said that his business investments amounted to “sacrifices.”
. . . 
"In other words, the nominee of the challenger has a target-rich environment here. But instead he launches a Hatfield vs. McCoy–type feud against two Gold Star parents. 

"So Trump is strengthening rather than weakening Democrats’ argument that he is too erratic, impulsive, and ignorant (doesn’t he know Russia annexed Crimea?) to be president." . . .
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