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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Need more proof that Iran doesn't respect the US?

This disciple of Bill Ayers and Rev. Wright has brought America nothing but embarrassment since the day he took office.

Obama Hostage Ransom
American Thinker  . . . "Earlier this year, Iran captured a U.S. Navy boat and humiliated our sailors.  Upon their release John Vichy Kerry thanked Iran for releasing American sailors who should never have been captured and humiliated.
"This incident clearly shows the effects of Obama/Hillary's weak foreign policy of appeasing Iran and doing very little about ISIS.   Iran, and the terrorists whom Iran supports, view Obama and the U.S. as weak.  We did nothing when they captured our sailors, and we gave Iran $400 million to ransom four Americans. 
"Iran and the terrorists have seen that Obama/Hillary use the terrorist attacks in the U.S. to attack the Second Amendment rights of Americans instead of clearly identifying and destroying the terrorists.
"Iran and the terrorists do not fear or respect Obama and the USA."
NAV Iranian boats

Iranian patrol boats come within 300 yards of US warship
The incident is being characterized as "unsafe and unprofessional."
Attaboy, Obama; taunt them some more!
. . . "I've got news for CNN: The Revolutionary Guards don't lift a finger without permission from the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei. They're his boys and are not independent actors in Iranian politics.
"The idea that this was some kind of rogue operation by the IRGC is absurd. It is, as the other incidents that Iran has engineered a message aimed at both the US and our allies in the region; America is impotent and a paper tiger. 
"Iran is fully aware that Barack Obama won't do anything to risk his precious legacy; the nuclear deal. So Iran will continue to push us, humiliate us, and challenge us until Obama is hiding under the bed hoping the deal will last until he leaves office. Then, if it goes south, he can always blame his successor.
"It will be left to the next president to do a little message sending of our own."  

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