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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Ouch: British political party calls Hillary Clinton ‘Islam’s whore’ (Follow-up)

“ 'America and the free world have no place for conduits for Muhammed,” he added.  “It’s now imperative to keep Islam’s Whore out of the White House.”
At least Russo didn’t call Hillary, “Mrs. Clinton,” a term that some on the left have determined to be “sexist” and therefore, a doubleplus ungood thoughtcrime…"
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Joe Newby  "On Tuesday, Liberty GB, a group calling itself “Britain’s most outspoken political party,” posted an article by REELTalkRadio show host Audrey Russo that minced no words in its harsh criticism of Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton.  So sharp was his criticism that Russo headlined his piece, “Hillary Clinton: Islam’s Whore.”
"Russo starts by calling Clinton “the most corrupt politician to run for the White House.”  And, he adds, that’s “before ever being elected.”
"He then called out the so-called “mainstream media,” known here as the “Democrat-media complex,” for giving her cover throughout the campaign." . . .
. . . "As we recently noted, Clinton reportedly promised Islamic countries that the federal government would intimidate Americans who speak out or criticize Islam.
"Last year, she also claimed that Muslims have “nothing whatsoever” to do with terrorism."
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