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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Louisiana asks, Where is Obama now?

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BIAS ALERT: Media that ripped Bush on Katrina ignores Obama on La. flooding  
"Mainstream media condemned Bush’s alleged lack of compassion, immediately predicting it would destroy his entire legacy. A USA Today article written at the time summarized it this way:“ 'President Bush has shown that he can be empathetic, sensitive and decisive. But those qualities eluded him for days after Hurricane Katrina, and the lapse could become a defining moment of his White House tenure,” the analysis said."The Washington Post would later go on to brand Bush’s response the second worst moment of his entire presidency.
Flashback: Obama ripped Bush's 'unconscionable ineptitude' during Hurricane Katrina  "Obama, who had just returned from New Orleans, preached on the Senate floor about Bush's poor reaction to similar cries for help during Katrina."

Image result for obama louisiana flood cartoonsGeorge W. Bush never recovered politically from Katrina

Our Views: Vacation or not, a hurting Louisiana needs you now, President Obama

Obama unlikely to halt vacation to visit flooded Louisiana  "Obama has issued no public or written statements about the flooding. The White House said he has been receiving regular updates and briefings on the situation throughout the vacation, including from Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards. Obama also approved a federal disaster declaration for affected areas of the state."

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While Obama Vacations, Taylor Swift Donates $1 Million To Flood-Ravaged Louisiana  . . . "President Obama is currently vacationing on Martha's Vineyard, and aside from signing a disaster declaration five days ago, has otherwise not commented on the situation. (He did, however, have time to go to a Hillary Clinton fundraiser.)
"Compare this to pop star Taylor Swift. Swift, who began The 1989 World Tour in Louisiana last year, said that she appreciated her fans in Louisiana and was heartbroken by the devastation in the state. She then pledged to donate $1 million in relief money and encouraged others to "help out and send [their] love and prayers.' "

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