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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Where’s the Letter from Democratic Security Officials Opposing Hillary?

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Victor Davis Hanson
They refuse to acknowledge their nominee’s long record of bungling and deception.
 "A group of 50 conservative foreign-policy elites and veteran national-security officials of prior Republican administrations recently wrote an open letter denouncing Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. 
. . . 
"The letter stated that Trump’s one-year campaign of blustery rhetoric suggests he could be as reckless in deed in the White House as he has been in word on the campaign trail."

"Is there a like group of past Democratic wise men and women who can commensurately “police their own” and so warn us about Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton? 

"Unlike Trump, Clinton already has an actual political record as a former U.S. senator and secretary of state.

" If there were such a group, the heart of their letter might read something like the following:"

. . . "In the world of elite Washington, crude bluster from an uncouth outsider like Trump is deemed more hazardous than the prevarication, dishonesty, and incompetence of a familiar insider."

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