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Friday, September 23, 2016

Ahmad Khan Rahami, Barack Obama & the Continued Idiocy Infecting America

"This is the “new normal,” because we ridiculed and ridicule people who think like me. And because we have idiotic hags like the “women” of “The View” and Barack Obama looked upon as actually saying something of worth and authority."
Debbie Schlussel


"I watched with boredom and anger muted by resignation, today, as Barack Obama babbled more nonsense and BS denials about the Islamic terrorist attacks in New York City, New Jersey, and St. Cloud, Minnesota over the weekend. The incompetent President stated absolutely that there “is no link” between the Minnesota attack and those in the tri-state area. Uh, YES. THERE. IS. Both terrorists, Ahmad Khan Rahami and Dahir A. Adan, have one very strong thing in common. ISLAM. They are both Muslims.
"But America continues to be in denial. American media outlets. American politicians. American “authority” figures. American institutions. All continue to cling to the political correctness that will be–and, actually, already is–the death of this country. And the death of us all.
"Islam is the only thing at play here–the only reason both of these men tried to murder Americans–with Adan stabbing people at the Crossroads Mall in St. Cloud and Rahami setting up explosives in Jersey and New York. It should be noted, by the way, that Rahami’s explosives were laced with shrapnel a la HAMAS, designed to do the most bodily harm possible. So, it’s a miracle nobody died." . . .

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