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Friday, September 23, 2016

Why are out-of-state Charlotte rioters not being prosecuted for crossing state lines to engage in destruction and rioting?

"Noting the Soros funding of BLM, we also have Hillary Clinton as a (BLM) Black Lives Matter proponent, Barack Obama with BLM sympathies and invitations to the White House. On the other side of the ledger, we have Obama’s Department of Justice seemingly unconcerned that laws prohibiting the crossing of State lines to incite riots are being violated. Coincidental?"

James Longstreet   "The non-enforcement of the law has become sport in the past eight years.  Hidden under gimmicks such as “prosecutorial discretion” and other feigns, the Department of Justice and other such entities have seemed to turn their backs when full frontal execution of the law was required.  A curious disinterest for certain laws is in play.

"We receive a constant dose of stories revealing the non-enforcement of immigration law.
"In lockstep is the complete disregard for the laws on the books that are designed to quell situations such as Ferguson, Dallas, Baltimore, and now Charlotte.
"Two years ago, I authored an article for American Thinker titled, “The Anti Riot Act. One more law unenforced by this administration.”
"In a recent article in ZeroHedge, an official of the Charlotte Police Department notes that “70% of those arrested” have out of state identification.  This should pique the interest of federal authorities.  It doesn’t." . . .

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