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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Does a city burn every time?

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Silvio Canto, Jr.  . . . "As always, I withhold judgement on these incidents until we have a full report. Ferguson certainly turned out to be a lot different once a report was issued.   In other words "hands up don't shoot" never actually happened.

"So we will wait for the facts to emerge before we say this or that about the police officer's behavior.

"We can say a couple of things that go on beyond this incident:
1) Are we now at a point in our history where people loot stores or hurt officers just because someone tells them a black man was shot by a police officer? In this case, the police officer is black but that does not matter, apparently. Do facts matter anymore?
2) Who organizes these riots? The certainly happen rather quickly. Don't these people looting have lives or jobs to attend to? It sure seems to me that there lots of people just waiting for the text to go out and do some damage.
3) How are we going to get people to serve in our police forces after these incidents? How can we expect men and women, of diverse races, to go out and put themselves under this kind of second guessing and ruthless scrutiny? Who cares about blue lives and the families that they go to every day?

"It is a horrible situation and the country yearns for a leader who will stand up for the rule of law not go on black radio talks shows to energize an unenergized base."

Can someone please tell me how this president is still so highly favored in our nation and how so few in Hollywood dare stand up to the effects he has caused among us? Is there no wisdom left in our society?

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