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Thursday, September 22, 2016

All the below still awaits Obama's calming words and encouragement for the police

Charlotte Had Racial Harmony. Then BLM and Nation of Islam Thugs Came

. . . "What many people don’t realize is that these protests didn’t just spring up in response to the shooting of Scott by a black police officer. Last year, the trial of a white police officer ended in a mistrial for shooting an unarmed black man, and he was never retried. The investigation was complicated, but a video showed the young man clearly running toward police officers when they told him to stand down. The police officer shot him in self-defense.

"After the trial, a few protestors took to the streets, angry about the outcome. Black Lives Matter was part of that, but the protests fizzled. That’s because Charlotte, for the most part, has been a peaceful community with blacks and whites working side by side for the good of our families and our neighbors." . . .

Anti-Cop Rioters Are the Vanguard of the ‘No Lives Matter’ Movement   "The rule of law is breaking down as riots erupt before the facts come in. 
"The anti-cop movement is completely out of control. It’s moved from attacking the police, to attacking the rule of law itself, and now it is attacking the fundamental human right of self-defense. Twice in a month, rioters have struck back after black cops reportedly shot and killed black men who were threatening the cops with guns." . . .

Will the Riots in Charlotte Help Elect Donald Trump?  . . . " Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton have inflamed racial tensions for political gain repeatedly over the past eight years. Speaking about the riots in Charlotte, Lynch said,“They have once again highlighted — in the most vivid and painful terms — the real divisions that still persist in this nation between law enforcement and communities of color.” 
"And why do they persist, Attorney General Lynch? In part because you have continued to inflame them, rather than tell African Americans the hard truths they need to hear."

Video: Rioters Attack News Team, Try To Drag Unconscious Photographer Into Fire   "Rioters knocked the photographer unconscious and were dragging him into the fire they had set in the middle of the street. The female reporter came to his aid and was knocked down by another rioter.
"Police came running to the rescue."

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