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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Man Stripped, Dragged & Beaten by Charlotte Predators

Obama DOJ To Charlotte Mob Attacking White People: “We Hear Your Voices And We Feel Your Pain”…

Todd Starnes  "City leaders in Charlotte North Carolina say there is no need for a curfew.

"They believe they now have a handle on the rampaging mob that has basically laid siege to the city. They believe the pillaging and plundering and the horrific acts of violence have ended.

"Hopeful, but doubtful.

''We are just now beginning to get a look at some of the unspeakable atrocities committed by the hordes of brutes. 

"A video now gone viral purportedly shows a white man being brutalized by a group of mostly black men.

" 'WHITE MAN DRAGGED, BEATEN, BEGGING FOR MERCY," read the banner headline on Drudge Report.

"Fox46 in Charlotte and Fox News also wrote stories about the stomach-churning incident. 

"The video shows the frightened man trapped by the mob. He dropped to his knees, held his hands in the air. He was pleading for his life, pleading for mercy.

"But there would be no mercy." Just as there would be none here.

"There are no words to describe the unimaginable horror that man must have experienced inside that Charlotte garage. 

Who speaks for that man? . . . President Obama?Attorney General Lynch?Al Sharpton? Who speaks for that man, America?

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