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Friday, September 30, 2016

Hillary Clinton and Alicia Machado: Sisterhood of the travelling getaway car

"But I think I know why Hillary may feel a common bond with this gangster bimbo.  Alicia, you see, was accused of driving a getaway car for her gangster boyfriend in a killing in Venezuela but escaped prosecution for lack of witnesses.  Don’t you think Hillary must admire Alicia for that?  After all, in a symbolic sense, isn’t that what Hillary Clinton has always done for Bill in all his extensive history of sexual predation: drive his getaway car?" 

Russ Vaughn  "Democrats have been high-fiving and deliriously jiving since their candidate introduced the voluptuous Venezuelan vigilante upon Donald Trump during Monday night’s debate.  The Dems would have you believe that this luscious Latina was used and abused by that cruel capitalist in a manner that should totally disqualify him from ever serving as president.  Apparently as her boss, a business owner who hired her and signed her to a contract that required her to maintain her lovely person in a physical state so as to be able to gracefully and gorgeously represent the public persona of Miss Universe, her mean old plantation master castigated the poor, pretty thing for ignoring those specific terms of her contract and becoming a very non-contractual fatty." . . .

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