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Thursday, September 15, 2016

More commentary on The Deplorables

If you wonder how the "deplorables" comment will affect the media. keep this in mind: Media Puts Debate Moderators On Notice: Protect Hillary
. . . "But Hillary Clinton is such an awful candidate and corrupt human being, the media can spin only so much to keep people in the dark. As the curtain is pulled back even further, the stench of desperation is emerging." . . .
Coulter: Specifically, what percentage of Muslims are “sexist” or “homophobic"?   . . . "The only way we find out that Duke is still alive is that Republicans are asked to denounce him every four years. For all we know, Duke died 20 years ago and the media are using a body double.

"Will Hillary ever be asked to "disavow" Al Sharpton, George Soros, Black Lives Matter or Colin Kaepernick? These are people who have power and visibility even when it's not an election year. In fact, the only time some of them are not in the public eye is during election years, when, for example, Al Sharpton is sent off to a safe house for six months. By contrast, the only time Duke is in the news is during election years." . . .

Political Cartoons by Mike Lester

Politico: Hillary’s Risky ‘Deplorables’ Strategy   . . . "By squarely siding with civil rights activists who demand that racism be forcefully confronted, she’s making clear that she views her path to victory doesn’t run through the white working-class vote. Rather, she’s making a bet that the makeup of 21st century America allows her to do something no Democratic nominee, not even Barack Obama, has done before: win the White House without winking at white grievance." . . .
After decades of Democrats chasing the white working-class vote, mostly to no avail, Barack Obama rendered the chase unnecessary. 
Political Cartoons by Robert Ariail

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