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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Was it a trap? Flint pastor promised to ‘educate’ Donald Trump

Joe Newby  "Rev. Faith Green Timmons made news when she interrupted GOP nominee Donald Trump during a speech he gave at the Bethel United Methodist Church in Flint, Michigan.  But Fox News’ Todd Starnes said that “something doesn’t pass the smell test.”
Watch the incident here.
"It seems the good pastor posted a note on Facebook promising to “educate” the nominee.  The post was deleted, but not before being captured by several people:" . . .
Donald Trump victim of trap set by pastor

. . ." Starnes added:
Well, I guess the Rev. Timmons showed Mr. Trump — ambushing him in a House of Worship. I will give her credit for hushing up a protester who kept interrupting his remarks.
By the way, the Rev. Timmons has since deleted that Facebook posting. Hmm.
Mr. Trump showed great restraint and class as he complied with her request. And he deserves credit for at least trying to start a dialogue.
I wonder if Rev. Timmons “educated” President Obama like she did Mr. Trump?
"Say what?  It would certainly appear that she’s a staunch Obama supporter:" . . .

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