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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Obama on coal = California on nuclear power

IBEW hopes to resist this move to close Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant

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Clean and Green, Nuclear Gets a Makeover  "When most people think of clean energy they probably think of wind and solar. What doesn't come to mind is the source that supplies the United States with 63 percent of its clean energy. What they aren't thinking about is nuclear.

image"But nuclear energy, which also provides U.S. consumers and businesses with 20 percent of their electricity, is in need of a lift. In an effort to provide one, the Nuclear Energy Institute, an industry group, has embarked upon a two­year initiative, Delivering the Nuclear Promise. The plan aims to promote nuclear as a valued and necessary clean energy source, as well as reduce costs and increase safety and efficiency. And the IBEW is joining the effort.

" 'We used to have a 25­page procedure for changing a doorknob at nuclear plants. There is certainly room to make improvements in efficiency, and we support actions to keep plants open and make them more profitable," said Utility Director Jim Hunter. "We just want to make sure it happens with input from our members and not at their expense."
"Rolled out in December, the initiative calls for a 30 ­percent reduction in costs, which will be determined by working groups where IBEW and other unions will have a presence.

" 'Nobody wins when a plant closes," said NEI Senior Vice President and Chief Nuclear Officer Tony Pietrangelo. "We want everyone pulling in the same direction."

"Nuclear generation is facing its most challenging moment since the rise of the industry nearly 50 years ago. Aging plants, Environmental Protection Agency rules, market forces and deregulation are converging to put nuclear plants out of business — just at the moment the electrical grid needs them the most." . . . 

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