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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The adorable Deplorables are the people of the month

Arnold CusmariuHillary Clinton deserves electoral oblivion in November  "Keep in mind that the language Clinton used was not improvised in front of the cameras.  She read a prepared text off a teleprompter.  Someone wrote that text; Clinton and others on her staff read and approved it.  It was a staged event.
. . . 
"Make no mistake about it: Hillary Clinton stood before cameras and told millions of Christians they are damned to hell for all eternity for supporting Donald Trump.  I hope Trump brings up this issue during the upcoming debates.  Christian leaders should speak out in the meantime."  Emphasis mine, TD
Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel
Hillary's Friday Night Murder of Crows   . . ."It is the wealthy, powerful and progressive people who have given Clinton millions  and millions of dollars to win the election to continue that transformation.   They mean to rid the nation of any religiosity, any standards of decency beyond verbal political correctness, to rid us of biological notions of gender, of any protection of the unborn, that unfortunate consequence of sex.  They mean to make the United States a nation of tribes:  blacks, LGBT, Latinos, illegal immigrants, feminists, and almost any victim group, real or imagined.  . . ." To this bunch, if you support Trump, you are a Neanderthal, an object of well-deserved ridicule.   Of this they are certain." 

Political Cartoons by Bob Gorrell

Emily Riley: "I am not deplorable. Here’s why."  . . . "How dare a presidential candidate, who claims to be compassionate, take our concerns and turn them into an ugly label?  We are Americans who are deeply concerned about our schools, our jobs, our children’s safety, and our culture.  What happened to our representative government?  Why are our elected leaders more interested in what is best for non-citizens and labeling citizens with ugly labels when we see clearly what the influx of immigrants, who have no desire to assimilate, is doing to our lives?

"America has always been a melting pot where out of many we become one nation.  What is happening to us now is a balkanization, where we are being divided and where our leaders create labels and finger-pointing, making everyone an enemy of someone else.  That is not what leaders do. "
Political Cartoons by Ken Catalino
Howie Carr: Some Quick, easy steps to tell if you’re a deplorable  "Didn’t Barack Obama say a few months back that a candidate couldn’t insult his way to the presidency? I guess he was referring to Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton, apparently, can.
"In case you’ve been wondering which side you’re on, you may be a deplorable if you stand for the National Anthem." . . .

Political Cartoons by Lisa Benson

Political Cartoons by Chip Bok

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