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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Hillary's health and her media flacks

Can Hillary 'Power Through' Her Health Crisis?    Video

CBS 'edits' Bill Clinton comment about Hillary's health   . . . "The edit by CBS News was extremely helpful - to Hillary. There is no doubt that Bill Clinton immediately realized the import of using the word "frequently" when describing Hillary's fainting spells and sought to edit himself later in the sentence. But it raises a question.
"Did the ex-president contact CBS and request the word be deleted?"
"The idea that it was cut for time constraints is laughable. This has all the earmarks of a Clinton whitewash. And CBS News was a willing partner."
. . . "Less than half of voters, at 44 percent, said Clinton's health would negatively affect her ability to be president; three in 10 people don't think she'd survive her first term while two in 10 people think Trump wouldn't. If one of them were to die, voters would rather have Mike Pence as president; 43 percent said he's prepared to serve, versus 38 percent who think Clinton's running mate, Tim Kaine, is ready to step up to the plate."

Sarah Silverman: Anyone Who Brings Up Hillary’s Health Is a ‘F---ing A---hole’   "Earlier this week, TMZ asked comedian Sarah Silverman about Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s health, she went on a tirade."
Who can lose when Hollywood is on your side? Or Google?

Image result for google cartoonsHOW GOOGLE IS STEERING USERS AWAY FROM CLINTON HEALTH WOES  . . . "But despite all the evidence, media and electoral interest, the tech giant Google hasn’t gotten the memo. It has engaged in a deliberate mendacious campaign of deception by steering its users away from searches that highlight her multiple health issues and deteriorating condition." . . .

Jonah Goldberg: Hillary Humiliated Her Flacks with Her Health Deception . . . "My favorite take came from left-wing writer Leela Daou via Twitter: “What we REALLY should be talking about is why it’s so damn hot on a September morning” followed by the hash tags #GlobalWarming and #climatechange. Not only is Clinton going to fight climate change, she’s like a polar bear searching for an ice floe: proof that it’s real!"

Then comes the Clintonite "adjustment":
“ 'Doing events with pneumonia shows how strong Hillary is. Her detractors have now lost another one of their hit jobs. They should be ashamed.' ”

Political Cartoons by Ken Catalino

You Can Lead Reporters To Water, But Can You Make Them Believe Clinton's Ridiculous Dehydration Story?  . . . "This dehydration story is being reported as if it's some sort of down low campaign secret, when it's clearly the narrative the campaign wants to push. Further, Clinton claimed in 2008 that "I drink tons of water. Just as much water as I can possibly drink."From the Clinton campaign's perspective it sounds a lot better to say someone just needed a cool glass of water to recover, rather than the awkward truth that her dehydration is one of many symptoms of a serious medical condition that hospitalizes a million Americans every year, kills 50,000, and is considerably more serious if you happen to contract it as a 68-year-old woman." . . .
Political Cartoons by Robert Ariail

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