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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Charles Krauthammer: Is Obama Preparing a Parting Shot at Israel?

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"He appears ready to go to the U.N. to unveil his own parameters of a two-state solution."
We know from experience how vindictive and petulant the man can be. TD

National Review  " . . . UNESCO, approved a resolution viciously condemning Israel (referred to as “the Occupying Power”) for various alleged trespasses and violations of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Except that the resolution never uses that term for Judaism’s holiest shrine. It refers to and treats it as an exclusively Muslim site, a deliberate attempt to eradicate its connection — let alone its centrality — to the Jewish people and Jewish history.

"This Orwellian absurdity is an insult not just to Judaism but to Christianity. It makes a mockery of the Gospels, which chronicle the story of a Galilean Jew whose life and ministry unfolded throughout the Holy Land, most especially in Jerusalem and the Temple. If this is nothing but a Muslim site, what happens to the very foundation of Christianity, which occurred 600 years before Islam even came into being?

*This man: 
"This UNESCO resolution is merely the surreal extreme of the worldwide campaign to delegitimize Israel. It features the BDS movement (boycott, divestment, and sanctions), now growing on Western university campuses and in some mainline Protestant churches. And it extends even into some precincts of the Democratic party." . . .
Clinton’s supporters who care about Israel and about peace need to urge her to [commit Obama to do nothing before he leaves office that would tie her hands should she become president]. It will soon be too late. Soon Obama* will be free to deliver a devastating parting shot to Israel and to the prime minister he detests.
Image result for obama hates israel cartoons

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