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Saturday, October 29, 2016

FBI Hillary investigation bombshell is why we should not have early voting

Legal Insurrection  "Now that the Weinergate story has broken, how many early voters may wish they could go back and change their votes? We’ll never know and it doesn’t matter because they can’t do it. This is a perfect example of why we shouldn’t have early voting.
The practice has the potential to encourage fraud because campaigns can analyze early voting data and know where they need stronger turnout on election day.

"The Wall Street Journal provides a look at how early voting is going so far:
Early Voting Bolsters Hillary Clinton in Key States
Democrat Hillary Clinton appears to have a slight edge over Republican rival Donald Trump in a number of battleground states and among important demographic groups based on an analysis of the millions of votes already cast both at polling places and by absentee ballot.
Mrs. Clinton is seeing positive signs of enthusiasm in such states as Florida and Nevada. She is also seeing strong turnout rates in the early vote from Latinos and women.
But Mr. Trump may have an advantage in the midwestern battlegrounds of Ohio and Iowa, where Democratic voter interest appears to be flagging compared with the 2012 presidential, records show. . . .

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