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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Fox and the GOP need radical makeovers

. . . "The unhinged non-news Hannity, who is widely seen as an adjunct to Donald Trump’s campaign — even going so far as appearing in a campaign ad for the GOP presidential nominee — now has attacked an actual news host, Megyn Kelly. He accuses her of being in Hillary Clinton’s camp. This is as obnoxious as it is false. The question, however, is now teed up for the Fox News execs: Is it a real news network that cares about the integrity of its news personnel or a caricature of right-wing media — in the thrall of know-nothingism, conspiracy-mongering and plain dishonesty?
"Hannity’s behavior is so inappropriate that one has to wonder whether he is trying to get booted — or justify an upcoming post-election change. 
"Nevertheless, the responsibility is Fox’s. If it cares about the reputations of quality news figures (e.g. Bret Baier, Chris Wallace, James Rosen) it will dump Hannity or relegate him to 21st Century Fox’s entertainment division. Fox cannot be both a serious outlet and tolerate Hannity’s attack on the integrity of its news people. The latter should be letting their bosses know in no uncertain terms: It is time to choose between the Fox News brand and the Hannity brand. The two are incompatible."

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