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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Geez, Louise! High school event holds terrors that people can't imagine!

ACLU: High School Event Honoring Police Officers Sends “Frightening Message”…


"Via Fox News:
"A New Jersey high school has come under fire after holding a ceremony honoring law enforcement, military and first responders before a football game Friday night."According to NJ.com, an organizer with the New Jersey chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union claimed the ceremony sent a “frightening message.”"Middletown police Deputy Chief Stephen Dollinger organized the event before a highly-anticipated game between Middletown High School South and Toms River High School North. It featured State Police Pipes and Drums of the Blue and Gold, state and local mounted units, personnel from all of the branches of the military and officers from several local offices."The ceremony also honored a Linden police officer who was wounded in a shootout with Ahmad Khan Rahimi, who is accused of planting IEDs in Seaside Park, Elizabeth and New York City." . . .
What have our people become? I suppose we have become this:
Berkeley SJWs Demand “Safe Spaces” For Transgenders And “Spaces Of Color” For Non-Whites…
. . . "A video of Friday’s protest shows a large group of protesters preventing white students from passing over a bridge while allowing access to students of color.

"In addition to blocking access to Berkeley’s Sather Gate, a key bridge on the route to many classes, the wall of protesters also prevented white students from studying in the Student Union and stopped traffic at the main intersection in the front of campus."
Fruit for the next "American Silliness" post. Thanks Obamas.

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