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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Late Friday: Time to call an emergency Republican convention?

UK Daily Mail; A great deal on Donald Trump here I didn't cut and paste the tabloidish content, but it is all out there everywhere.A clueless nation that can adore Barack Obama and Hillary is certainly capable of exalting the likes of Donald Trump. TD

'You can do anything. Grab them by the p***y': Donald Trump recorded in lewd hot mic chat

Here, hereherehere, and, wait for it: "Drop out Trump!"

What a group of highly qualified people running for the Republican ticket against the corrupt Clinton machine and we're stuck with the choice we have.  TD

Donors Are Pulling Out And Demanding A New GOP Candidate Immediately  . . . "What comes next is an absolute mystery. This is uncharted water. As Sunday's debate grows closer, the Trump camp is in serious trouble and has nowhere to go but down. It also gets worse when you realize it's still early October and the Clinton camp almost assuredly has more material out there, waiting to drop." . . .

BREAKING: Donald Trump Issues Midnight Apology Video For His *Whatever* Grabbing Remarks  . . . "This is pretty remarkable, given that Trump never apologizes for anything. Anything! That said, "those words" reflect who Donald Trump is, perfectly. Nobody who has paid attention to Trump could be the slightest bit surprised by what emerged today." . . .

Ben Stein: Trump Must Go  . . . "But I am a Republican and we are supposed to stand for some kind of moral standard. We are the party of Dwight Eisenhower, who never had the slightest moral stain on his character. We’re the party of Reagan, whose charisma was based on his basic dignity. We’re the party of George W. Bush, who made terrible mistakes, but whose fundamental morality was never in doubt. He is a handsome man and was much sought after by women, but never even returned the gaze of flirting women. He was no prude, but he was dignified.

"Now comes Donald Trump. He talked on a hot mike about the most lewd acts imaginable on women he had just met or maybe did not even know. He talked on a hot mike about grabbing women by their genitals and getting away with it because he was rich and famous.
"He now says that Bill Clinton has said much the same and worse. So what? I wouldn’t want Bill Clinton to be leading the Republican Party either. I want someone clean, after eight years of Barack Obama mess and lies and deceit. I don’t want someone who talks like a dirty-minded eighth grader leading the greatest party on earth." . . .

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