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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Trump vs. Clinton: you knew these were coming, didn't you?

Pretty much of a "lesser of two evils" compilation.
"Hillary Clinton ripped Donald Trump over what she called his past disrespectful treatment of women. She’s one to talk. If Hillary wins, America will be in safe hands if she commits to going after the nation’s enemies with the same ferocity she displayed going after the women Bill slept with." Comedian Argus Hamilton

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I’m Shocked, Shocked at Trump’s naughty words"  . . . "Big Dog Clinton actually groped, actually touched, actually had affairs and molestation buffets with women mostly unwilling and subsequently punished by Ms. Hillary Rodham for the effrontery of having been chosen for handwork not including embroidery, cigar-jobbing and dress malingering on a variety of handy damsels in his purview, the most unfortunate of whom were profusely worked over  by the missus. Tires slashed. Pets killed. Fired from jobs. Mocked in public and maligned as “trailer trash” and similar assorted negatives.  All carried out by the “bimbo eruption” teams set upon these hapless victims of WJC’s lustful heart." . . .Marion DS Dreyfus

Trump’s Dirty Talk versus Hillary’s Corruption  . . . "I have heard the CBS radio news a few times since the tape came out and they mention the tape prominently. Somehow, they have not mentioned the Wikileaks documents that came out within a few hours of the Trump Tape. It must be as accidental as all the selective editing that is done by the supposed fact tellers in the media. In the leaked documents Hillary essentially kisses up to Investment Bankers and others who are paying her $250,000 per speech. She also says absolutely that she is for open borders and open global trade. Hillary and Kaine are campaigning on the lie that she is for more secure borders and very strict trade agreements." . . .Jack Hellner

A Tale of Two Campaigns  . . . "Two different campaigns are rushing to the gutter. Will either decide that it is time to pick up the discussion and decorum? Whichever side decides to do this will win the election. With 30 days remaining time is running out. Maybe another Friday dump of material will decide the winner, but the stench of the gutter is proving to be more unbearable than the populace can take." Howard J. Warner

Political Cartoons by Jerry Holbert

Media FREAKS Over Trump Sex Tape But Not Bill’s RAPES & Mrs. Bill’s Destruction Of Rape Victims  . . . "So we know Hillary has a ridiculous double standard. Transcripts say her husband owes favors to a billionaire pedophile (convicted). Where does that fit on your moral hierarchy?"

Liberal Vox: A Donald Trump presidency would bring shame on this country. And Hillary would bring us respect?

Political Cartoons by Dana Summers

Donald Trump, Then and Now  “ 'I consider myself too perfect and have no faults.”  — Donald Trump, on Twitter in 2014. 
“I’ve never said I’m a perfect person, nor pretended to be someone that I’m not.” — Trump, . . . in his video apology.
Donald Trump Apologizes. . . . In the message, he deeply apologizes for his comments before lashing out at Bill Clinton’s sexual abuse of women and Hillary’s bullying of the victims.
“ 'There’s a big difference between the words and actions of other people. Bill Clinton has actually abused women.”  
"In the first Presidential debate, Trump demurred from dragging Hillary’s husband into the discussion because his daughter was in the audience. If this video is any indication, the gloves are off." . . .The transcript of The Apology

Is Trump’s Campaign Over?  "Politico: “It’s fitting that the election of Hillary Clinton as the first female president might have been sealed by Donald Trump’s treatment of women as subordinate, interchangeable, pliable playthings.”
“Trump — a compulsively public politician who has mouthed some of the most hilarious (intentionally or otherwise), offensive, fact-allergic and misogynistic statements by anyone competing in the public arena — might be ultimately undone by a private admission about a woman he wanted to have sex with.”
"However, a Politico poll of GOP insiders finds that 54% think Trump can overcome these comments while 46% say his chances are doomed."
Sen. Mike Lee wants Trump to quit “ 'one of very few Republican senators who never endorsed Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, called tonight for the nominee to ‘step aside’ and asked conservatives to find a new candidate,” the Washington Post reports."

The Coming Trump vs. Clinton Sex Scandal Showdown  "The odds that Donald Trump will bring up Bill Clinton's sexual peccadilloes in Sunday night's presidential debate just increased." . . .

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