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Thursday, October 27, 2016

On the Hillarymedia

Hillary Corruption

Daily Caller: Giuliani Uses MSNBC Host As A Punching Bag — ‘If You Think That’s Ethical, You Should Find A New Job  . . . “ 'Your station is completely left wing and totally anti-Trump and totally anti-Republican with one or two exceptions,” Giuliani stated. “I’m one of the few Republicans that will come on here because we don’t think we get anywhere near fair treatment on this station." . . .

The Megyn Kelly eight-minute interview with Newt Gingrich was riveting. For me, it also was the last straw.  . . . "The drive-by media were thrilled with the Roger Ailes story.  In their best hopes, the Murdoch Kids would turn Papa Rupert's Fox News into another CNN.  At the least, the drive-bys were hoping that "Superstars" Megyn Kelly and Greta – and Hannity and O'Reilly – would quit, killing Fox's dominance and relegating it to MSNBC irrelevance. " . . .

Hillary Clinton Claims Mexican Food Is Her Favorite On Univision Show  . . . "Hillary Clinton’s final push as Election Day nears features an aggressive attempt to lock down the crucial vote Latino, including by claiming that her favorite food is Mexican and that her granddaughter is already learning Spanish.
“ 'I think it would be Mexican food,” Clinton told the Univision Show “El Gordo y La Flaca” (translation: “The Fat Man & The Thin Lady”).

"In an article this year for “Thrillist,” detailing her favorite restaurants in the state of the New York, Clinton listed Rao’s (Italian), Northern Lights Creamery (gelato ice cream), Lange’s Little Store (sandwiches), Charlie The Butcher’s (meat) and others.
"But she didn’t list a single Mexican establishment."
HOW THE CLINTON CAMPAIGN PLAYS THE PRESS   . . . "It’s an interesting strategy: enlisting journalists to “shame” other journalists into not reporting the news."
UK Reporter Calls CNN “Clinton News Network – Your Coverage Is Totally Biased”  "CNN host: That’s CNN, you’re calling us the Clinton News Network.

Katie Hopkins: That’s exactly correct.CNN host: Why?…Katie Hopkins: I will say having sat in the Republican convention and having watched your coverage, it is completely biased. And I think Trump is doing a great job. And I think what we saw from him today over… You’ll also find polls that find 70% of individuals find Clinton to be utterly distasteful. I find her abhorrent to look at. Her little smile there does nothing for me.

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