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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Ponchatoula, Louisiana: A quiet alternative way of life!

Ponchatoula, LA; An American town
"Ponchatoula is located along Interstate 55 and Highway 22, a position that puts it an equal distance between New Orleans and Baton Rouge.In the early 1900s, Ponchatoula was one of only two ways to get to New Orleans by land, giving it the title of "Gateway to New Orleans.' "
"Ponchatoula is home to many artists covering many disciplines, musicians, authors, artists, photographers, poets, singers. Whether here by birth or choice Ponchatoula provides a creative environment."

The Easter Bonnet Stroll

Ten best restaurants in town. Naturally you can get a po-boy.

Then there are their Antique Trade Days

The History of Ponchatoula  "Ponchatoula was established in 1820 and Incorporated February 12, 1861 in the Parish of Livingston during the period that Louisiana was an independent nation. Ponchatoula, originally a logging camp, had no name and only one road connected it with Wadesboro, the river shipping point. Virgin pine, cypress, and oak trees were cut and hauled by ox teams to Wadesboro, there hand-hewn into pickets, shingles, barrel staves, sills, and mast poles for sailing vessels. The hand finished product was sold in New Orleans on the lake docks. The road that connected the logging camp with Wadesboro was part of the Old Spanish Trail from Florida. The trail followed the high ground around lake Pontchartrain through the logging camp to Springfield - one branch going to Baton Rouge, the other to Natchez, Mississippi. The Natchez branch was known as King's Highway."
. . .
"Several men were killed in the fray between the Union Army and Southern defenders and were buried where the Vinyard(sp?) Mill now stands, but later moved to Chalmette Cemetery in New Orleans, . . .

". . .  Union Soldiers went to slave quarters and told [the slaves] to go to New Orleans and they would be sent North to freedom . . ."

Battle of Ponchatoula
"The account below is of Colonel Edward Bacon of the 6th Michigan Infantry at the Battle of Ponchatoula (March 24-26, 1863). 

Louisiana Regiments in the Confederate Army.

The River for which the USS Ponchatoula AO-146 is named after
"Ponchatoula, a Native-American word for "falling hair", used to describe the "Spanish Moss" hanging from oak trees. Ponchatoula is best known for it's Strawberry Festival held yearly in April. Fresh sweet Louisiana Strawberrys picked fresh from the vines and sold at roadside stands.

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