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Thursday, October 20, 2016

"Two Unfit Candidates" debate

Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel

Not Rigged, Thrown . . . "Trump is not the man. He can barely frame a coherent thought or articulate a comprehensible argument against her.
"The great theme of Trump’s campaign in one way or another is American sovereignty. If Trump did more than pretend to care about it, he would master an argument and discipline himself. He would take the trouble to select the strongest points to be made against a profoundly flawed opponent and learn how to make them.
"Understanding that he is going to lose “big league,” as he would say, to a pitifully weak opponent, he is more concerned about salvaging his pride than putting up a fight. As I say, I think it makes more sense to infer that he is throwing the contest than that the election is rigged (not that the latter makes much sense at all)."
Hillary Clinton's unrelenting smile at Wednesday's presidential debate made for uncomfortable viewing for some voters¬†UK Mail: Twitter mocks Clinton's 'creepy grandma' grin as she smirks her way through presidential debate  "The Democratic candidate faced a flood of insults as she took to the stage at the University of Las Vegas, with many viewers confessing they were 'creeped out' by her stubborn grin.

"Hundreds took to Twitter to describe her smile as 'scary' and 'creepy'"

RedState: Donald Trump Isn’t Wrong To Question The Election Process  . . . "Except... what he said was he'd have to wait and see what happens on election day. And, if you'll pardon the Devil's Advocate argument here... shouldn't we?"

Jonah Goldberg: Trump’s Best Debate So Far...And His Worst  . . . "The tipping point was his refusal to turn on Vladimir Putin. “He said nice things about me!” is a line he always has to get in. It’s so strange, because he honestly seems to think that repeating this helps him. It doesn’t. After months of criticism that Trump is easily swayed by flattery, when he points out that Putin flattered him and suggests that’s a valid reason for not overly antagonizing Putin it only reinforces the critique."

As for Hillary. She, as ever, was plodding, uninteresting, deceitful, and arrogant. But she made no major mistakes because she understood she needs to sit on her lead and make this election a referendum on Donald Trump.
David French: Two unfit candidates  . . . "One last thing, it’s telling that even when the two candidates were at their best — Trump on life and judges and Clinton on Russia, NATO, and pursuing ISIS out of Iraq and into Syria — we still can’t quite trust their words. " . . .

American Thinker: Such a nasty woman  . . .  "Given the issues surrounding the election, such as the Pew report on the number of mistakes in registered voters, the Hillary campaign paying thugs to start fights at Trump rallies, the MSM refusing to cover the email scandal, and Wikileaks, it is rational to say we will review how the election was conducted.
"Trump won because his issues of reducing taxes, border control, and defeating terrorism are in the best interest of our country.  Trump made it clear that Hillary will be the third term of Obama."

UK Mail: Trump under fire for saying that about Hillary

The Federalist: No, Hillary Clinton, The Supreme Court’s Heller Decision Wasn’t About Toddlers "Hillary Clinton claimed the Heller decision was about toddlers. It was actually about whether a 66-year-old police officer had the right to keep a gun at home."
No mention of toddlers. Because the case wasn’t about toddlers. It was about whether the District of Columbia’s “total ban on handguns” — theSupreme Court’s characterization of the law at issue in the case — was constitutional. 

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