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Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Unlikely Winner of the Last Debate (Video)

National Review  "Last night’s third and final presidential debate was more or less what we all expected. But there’s always a second contest going on during debates — and that’s the performance of the moderator. Generally speaking, moderators get a lot of criticism but Fox News’ Chris Wallace received a lot of praise for his ability to deftly handle contentious issues, move smoothly from subject to subject, and keep candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on task." 

The Hill: No rigged debate here: Moderator Chris Wallace wins the night  "The reviews are in for moderator Chris Wallace." Read many of them in this article.
"And let's just say that we haven't seen a media harmony and consensus over one guy like this since Sully landed that plane in the Hudson River."
. . . 
"And ask questions he did.
"Substantive ones.
"And in the process, brought out the best debate performances by both candidates.
"Chris Wallace not only did Fox proud last night. He also made those of us who still want to believe in the debate process proud as well."

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