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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Donna Brazile Tells A Big Fat Lie And Gets Caught And Humiliated

RedState  "Megyn Kelly had Donna Brazile in her crosshairs last night (that is a metaphor for all you progressive hipsters who were triggered, it is not a literal statement of fact) and Donna Brazile emerged shaken and revealed as an obvious liar.
"This is the background. One of the windfalls of the Wikileaks publication of emails pilfered from the DNC was the revelation that then-CNN contributor and current DNC co-chair (take a moment and savor that career path and tell me the press is not a Democrat preserve) had access to at least one question that was going to be asked of Hillary Clinton in a town hall and she sent that question to Hillary's campaign. This would seem to be unethical conduct of the lowest sort. Not only was Brazile interceding to help her favored candidate she also betrayed the trust of her employer and her colleagues.
"Megyn Kelly called her out on it and Brazile's reputation as anything but a baldfaced and unconvincing liar will never be the same." . . .

. . . What you see here is a pathetic woman devoid of honor or integrity who has been caught in a lie -- not that it really matters because CNN will gladly take her back -- but she has never in her life faced hostile questioning and she's reduced to an effervescent puddle of #FAIL.

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