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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Hillary Clinton Destroyed Her Own Campaign

The Daily Beast

"Despite all the odds being in her favor, Clinton managed to sabotage her quest for the White House."
. . . "Controversies surrounding the Clinton Foundation also didn’t do her any favors. The fact that the organization took contributions from foreign governments while Clinton was secretary of State—violating its own commitment, as well as State Department protocol—fueled the perception that big corporations could influence Clinton’s decisions at State by giving to the group. And though evidence of direct quid pro quos never emerged, there were plenty of examples of corporations finding favor with the State Department after giving to the foundation. 

"Those liabilities became nuclear when WikiLeaks, the hacking group, started releasing troves of emails it says it hacked from Podesta’s Gmail account. The Clinton campaign never confirmed or denied the validity of those emails. And the emails revealed that Chelsea Clinton worried the Clinton Foundation had made serious ethical missteps, and that Doug Band—a top aide to Bill Clinton—thought the former president himself had conflicts of interest involving the foundation’s corporate backers." . . .

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