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Thursday, November 10, 2016

The List of Executive Orders that Trump Will Dispose of Immediately

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Justin Holcomb  "Barack Obama has spent years using his authoritative pen to sign executive orders into law because Congress constantly prevented him from approving his particular set of rules.  To date, Obama has singed 235 executive orders dealing with every issue from climate change to national security.
"The interesting thing about executive orders is that they are built on faulty foundations.  They are more theoretical than factual.  An executive order can be ripped out from under itself just as quickly as it was signed.  
"On day one of his presidency, Donald Trump will be able to shred and dispose of any executive order that Obama signed into law, making them 100 percent invalid.  
Image result for obama executive order cartoons
"Here is a list of orders we can expect to see Trump handle immediately:" . . .

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