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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

John Kerry: Israel Can Either Be Jewish Or Democratic, It Cannot Be Both…

Has this imbecile not heard of the holocaust, and of the Jews being driven out of virtually every country they had called home? Israel was created to give this persecuted people a place to call home and the day Israel ceases to be Jewish, Israel will cease to be.
How can he and others of Obama's people not know this? The Tunnel Dweller

Weasel Zippers

France’s Foreign Minister Hails Kerry Speech  " . . .France shares Kerry’s belief in a two-state solution that envisions Israel and the new nation of Palestine “living side by side in peace and security.' ” 


Trump: 'Stay Strong Israel,' I'll Be in Office Soon . . . "A senior Israeli official told CNN Wednesday that Israel will provide Trump with evidence that the U.S. worked in secret to help the settlement vote." . . .

After Israel is overrun by Islam, perhaps Mr Kerry can come out of retirement to console the Israelis with something like this:

Bibi rips Lurch a new one.   Prime Minister Netanyahu gives his response to the Obama/ Kerry speech.

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