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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Remember the Christian bakers? Liberal dancers who scoff at others’ beliefs, suddenly find their conscience

Can those Christian bakers get their money and their businesses back now?

Washington Times

Illustration on Rockettes and the Trump inauguaration by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

"A funny thing happened on the way to the Donald Trump inauguration — liberals suddenly became champions of people being allowed to decline participating in something if it violated their conscience. 
"Surprising, indeed, after years of Christian bakers and pizza parlors being targeted for destruction by the gay left for refusing to participate in something because it opposed their conscience and faith.
"Then came the Radio City Rockettes, the world-famous dancers who with one swift move, seem to have illuminated the hypocrisy of some liberals, albeit rather unintentionally.
"It had been announced the Radio City Rockettes, you see, would be performing at the Donald Trump Inaugural. One Rockette vented her distress on Instagram, writing that she was “embarrassed and disappointed,” and that Mr. Trump “stands for everything we’re against.”
"This is the conundrum liberals have created by setting a standard that says Christians should not allowed to decline work due to their values but a liberal dancer should be. The question for liberals now is: Do we want Americans to accept the notion that some people are more equal than others, and deserve more protection and support than those who refuse to conform?
 "What about the Little Sisters of the Poor nuns, who were being forced by the Obama administration to violate their conscience via Obamacare until the U.S. Supreme Court saved them from that unconstitutional fate?

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