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Friday, December 9, 2016

Reading list for you

What Are Hillary Clinton Chances of Stealing the Election?  
"Interestingly, Hillary’s group wants to recruit the “Never Trump” crowd to upend the election results.  Let’s go ahead and remind everybody about Hillary Clinton’s chastising of Trump during the campaign for not accepting the results of the election."

Political Cartoons by Mike Lester
Liberals Refuse To Stop Whining!!! Get Over It Already!!!
Kelly Ann Conway: Nobody wanted Hillary Clinton in Office not because she is a Woman but because she is Evil and Corrupt just like Obama. I didn’t vote for Gender I voted for a Person to try and get our Country back on track where Obama has got it drug down in the sewer with him. Hillary and Obama are the Scum at the bottom of the barrel. Why don’t these young millennials start reading and learn what is going on in our Country. I guess they don’t teach about the electoral college in schools anymore like I was taught.

Muslim Family In Robes and Burqas Refuses to Stand for National Anthem
U.S. Naval Academy to Offer Transgender Training for Midshipmen
"This should come as no surprise after the Obama administration has spent eight years letting our military infrastructure crumble as they used our armed forces as a laboratory for experiments in social policy."

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