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Friday, December 9, 2016

On Campus, Trump Fans Say They Need ‘Safe Spaces’

Ouch. Bad choice of words.

NY Times

"Amanda Delekta, a sophomore at the University of Michigan and political director of the College Republicans, was ecstatic when her candidate, Donald J. Trump, won the presidential election.
But her mood of celebration quickly faded when students held an evening vigil on campus — to mourn the results — and her biology teacher suspended class on the assumption, Ms. Delekta said, that students would be too upset to focus.
"She was outraged. “Nobody has died,” Ms. Delekta said. “The United States has not died. Democracy is more alive than ever. Simply put, the American people voted and Trump won.' ” . . .
More here:  The political divide on college campuses isn’t healing any time soon  . . . "Let’s be honest here for a moment. Do you believe that a single one of these schools would have cancelled classes and set up safe spaces and workshops for distraught conservatives if Hillary Clinton had won? Would there be special grief counselors hired to console the weeping Republicans? You already know the answer. They would not. In fact the only classes being cancelled in that event would have been the ones taking up space in the halls allocated for the victory party." . . .

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