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Friday, December 9, 2016

Israel Shows How to Stop Terrorists

"This is something American intelligence experts have been calling for since Obama became president – to capture instead of kill with drones.  Katz says the motto of the Border Guards is, "'We would rather snatch you than scratch you.' "

Elise Cooper   "Build a wall, secure the border, and vet Muslims to stop the infiltration of terrorists.  This is not Donald Trump speaking – it is what has actually been done in Israel.  Americans can take a page from Israel's Border Guard to protect themselves.

" 'American Thinker interviewed author Samuel M. Katz regarding his book The Ghost Warriors, about Israel's elite force of undercover operatives.  They are drawn from the nation's diverse backgrounds and ethnicities, united in their ability to walk among the enemy as no one else dared.  They are called Ya'mas and use many undercover tactics. 

" 'Katz wrote the book to emphasize how "Israelis learned about using counter-terrorism inside city, street, and neighborhoods.  The United States now realizes it is also something they will have to contend with, a struggle of civilizations.  The book covers a period of Israeli history and is relevant to Americans because both nations must battle terrorism on a daily basis.  It is a warrior's tale of a select group of individuals who accepted the challenge of going daily, nightly into enemy-controlled territory, usually in disguise.  The enemy wonders who to trust or where the Israelis are lurking.

"Part of the Border Guards' strategy is to inflict 'terror' on the terrorists.  They had to spend just as much time in watching their backs as planning terrorist attacks.  Part of the Border Guard's duties is to capture the extremists to ensure the flow of information continues."

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