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Monday, December 5, 2016

The Left's Coming Counter-Attack

"The last eight years have been a dumpster fire, with the foundational timbers of our republic as fuel.  You can't leave glowing embers behind.  By debating the demonstrable fantasies of the left, we grant them legitimacy, leaving them as glowing embers in the minds of successive generations." 

American Thinker  "When the Soviet Union fell, all the little commies didn't wake up the next morning and say, "You know, those wacky Americans were right all along!  Let's go do some freedom and liberty stuff!"

"No, they woke up bitter and furious...spreading out among the intelligentsia of western Europe; Great Britain; and, to a lesser extent, the United States.  They were welcomed by their fellow travelers: first and foremost, the misfit toys inhabiting the islands of academia – who were already busily nurturing bitterness and envy among their charges with the care of a master gardener.
"They threw themselves into plotting and agitating, insinuating themselves into every possible position of influence they could manage – all to keep the flame of statist oppression lit, though necessarily hidden.
"They found suitable vehicles in the international environmentalist movement and newly created issues that could be weaponized for use against that evil hegemon of economic and individual liberty, the dreaded victor of the Cold War, the United States.
"The "crisis creation" machine went into high gear, fueled by alarmist junk science and billions of federal research dollars." . . .

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