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Monday, December 5, 2016

The Obama Years in the rear-view mirror

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"Here at Hope n' Change, we find that we're filled with radiant happiness each time Barack Obama does anything as president for the last time. It's a delightful reminder that his days in office - and our days of misery - are literally numbered."

Obama Family’s 2015 Hawaii Vacation Cost Taxpayers $4,823,206.88
. . . "The records obtained by Judicial Watch for Obama’s Secret Service travel to Hawaii reveal the following expenses totaling $1,234,316.67:
  • Hotel and lodging costs totaled $1,000,458.63
  • The Secret Service spent $165,893.88 on car rentals.
  • Air and rail expenses totaled $67,964.16.
Netanyahu Plans To Team Up With Trump To Rip Up Iran Deal
" . . .Trump called the deal a “disaster” on numerous occasions throughout the campaign, terming it “the worst deal ever negotiated.” . . .

Obama Did Not Save The Auto Industry, He Saved The UAW

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