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Friday, December 23, 2016

This petulant, vindictive juvenile president strikes again

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Obama Administration Betrays An Ally to the Repugnant U.N.
"The Obama administration defied the wishes of Prime Minister Netanyahu and President-elect Donald Trump.

"Democrats are the so-called friends of Israel and they just lodged a major rebuke of our only Democratic ally in the region. It was a condemnation of their right to exist.
"The U.S. allowed the U.N. Security Council to condemn Israel’s settlements, which are simply apartment building or homes in their own country, in their own real capitol of Jerusalem.

"The U.N. Security Council called settlements a “flagrant violation” of international law.

"The only thing that is flagrant is what Obama just did. Thankfully, Hillary didn’t win because she said she would do the same thing." . . .

Defying extraordinary pressure from President-elect Donald J. Trump and furious lobbying by Israel", "... the Obama administration on Friday allowed the United Nations Security Council to adopt a resolution that condemned Israeli settlement construction," the NYT reports.

The administration’s decision not to veto the measure.... broke a longstanding American policy of serving as Israel’s sturdiest diplomatic shield at the United Nations....
 The vote came a day after Mr. Trump personally intervened to keep the measure, proposed by Egypt, from coming up for a vote on Thursday, as scheduled. Mr. Trump’s aides said he had spoken to Mr. Netanyahu. Both men also spoke to the Egyptian president, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. Egypt postponed the vote.
From the comments to this Althouse post:
Static Ping said...
I want to thank Obama for confirming permanently that voting for Trump was the correct decision.
Chuck said... Last night on Fox, Alan Dershowitz made the case that this Obama decision could be damaging for years or decades into the future, without any chance (or much chance) for a President Trump to reverse it. It is a UN resolution; it isn't any old executive order. Trump can't do a new UN resolution with a stroke of his pen. Dershowitz also made the case that even a president-elect Hillary Clinton would have been calling Obama this week and begging him to not take this step.
I'm no Israel expert; not even close. But this might be the most anti-Israeli thing that Obama has ever done, in an eight-year run of anti-Israeli things.
 M Jordan said...Netanyahu is the only world leader who didn't bow down and worship our man-child president. Obama waited until the curtain was closing on Act 5 to take a dump on him.
 Unknown said...Well, they said that if I voted for Trump that we would have a racist, anti-semitic president who would stab Israel in the back!
And they were right!
 Michael The Magnificent said...Dear American Jews, please pay attention to who treats you like a friend, and who doesn't.
 Image result for obama netanyahu cartoons

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