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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Actors get super-secret training on how to bash Trump

. . . . Remember “After the election, Hollywood continued to show what little sway it has on the public at large as well while showing how hallow their promises are. At last check, the celebrities who vowed to leave the country if Trump won – Lena Dunham, Bryan Cranston, Samuel L. Jackson, Miley Cyrus, Amy Schumer, Chelsea Handler and Whoopi Goldberg, among many others, have not left the country as promised." . . .


Donald Trump

"Hollywood celebrities never really have had trouble telling the nation what they want to happen.
"They told voters to vote for Hillary Clinton before the election, and when she lost, a team of mostly B- or C-list names insisted they wanted at least 37 Republican electors to be turncoats to their party and vote for someone other than Donald Trump.
"Their failed effort, had it succeeded, would have accomplished nothing anyway, since the election, if Trump had not gotten the 270 Electoral College votes needed, would have ended up before the Republican-dominated U.S. House of Representatives where he and Hillary Clinton would have been the only candidates.
"Even names that at one time were big, like Cher, got into the act, with her threat to “leave the planet” if Trump won. Cher, a septuagenarian who is actually is a month older than Trump, failed to keep her promise.
"But now there’s a new move afoot.
"A clandestine strategy by union officials to train actors to be more effective in protesting Trump.
"According to an email, obtained by WND, from Actors Equity, the group is planning secret training sessions across the country for its members.
“ 'The training is open to Equity members in-good-standing only, and we ask that you not publicly post the announcement of these trainings,” the union instructed." . . .
They don't need training; it just comes naturally. Remember this hatchet job TV did on the TEA Party?  "Law & Order": another TV show that sucker-punches half the American population 
The Tunnel Dweller wrote:
"We began watching a 2009 episode of "Law and Order" entitled "Fed" last night and I had to shut it off at the start. We saw people like ourselves - TEA partiers, portrayed as rifle-toting, hateful bigots. Only Hollywood is capable of inspiring dislike and outrage by the simple means of the skillful acting of those who portray people like you and me as despicable and violent. They give us the same treatment they give to pharmaceutical  and insurance companies.May God bless all courageous conservatives in our country trying to stem the socialist tide sweeping America because the left has such massive force to bring against them. And the propaganda is being spoon-fed to the American public. How do we stand a chance?

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