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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Has Obama already won?


"Repeal through reconciliation will allow the elimination of the many Obamacare taxes and rules stifling employment.  Providing the coverage for the subsidized insured persons is more problematic.  Presently there are seven similar competing Republican replacement plans.  It is time to coalesce behind one proposal that can muster the necessary Senate votes."
Howard J. Warner  "Donald Trump has promised to repeal and replace Obamacare.  The Senate and House have begun the effort to defund the legislation via the budgetary and reconciliation process, where only 51 Senate votes are required.  However, lost in all this minutia is the fact that Obama has succeeded in altering the discussion on health care.  This change to federalism has legitimatized a role for the national government in health care for all citizens.  This has further weakened the Tenth Amendment.  This is his legacy.

"The narrative is no longer whether the federal government should be involved in health care for all people, but to what extent.  Since over 12 million people now receive health insurance via the federal Obamacare portal, there is reluctance in Washington to eliminate a federal role for providing health care insurance." .  .  .

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