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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Obama's latest edict on Cuban refugees

Having seen Obama's past actions, one must assume he is being spiteful and vindictive toward Republicans. As far as Cuban refugees are concerned, when in the past eight years has Obama stood with the persecuted against tyrants? Iran? Cuba? Venezuela? Islamic rulers? Russians? TD
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Obama's timing on Cubans raises some questions
. . . "What happens now?  My guess is that some human rights group will challenge the decision because no one knows what will happen to the Cubans returned, as Senator Marco Rubio indicated.
"Also, did President Obama get any concessions from Raúl Castro that these Cubans won't be treated like traitors when they go back?  In the past, returning Cubans have been targeted by the regime.    
"My hope is that President Trump reverses Obama's decision and calls on Cuba to make some concessions, such as a guarantee that these Cubans will not be targeted.  It could be part of a new deal with Cuba based on helping the Cuban people rather than making a deal for the sake of making a deal".
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NY Times: Ordinary Cubans Fret About End to US Immigration Policy  But Havana loves this and got it with nothing demanded in return by Obama.
"The Cuban government hailed President Barack Obama´s decision ending automatic legal residency for any Cuban who touches U.S. soil, while ordinary citizens mourned the end of an easy pathway to a new life in the United States. Average Cubans and opponents of the island´s communist leaders said they expected pressure for reform to increase with the elimination of a mechanism that siphoned off the island´s most dissatisfied citizens and turned them into sources of remittances supporting relatives who remained on the island. The repeal of the "wet foot, dry foot" policy went into effect immediately after a Thursday afternoon announcement."

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Obama Caves to Castro—AGAIN!  . . . "First off, this U.S. immigration policy wasn’t invented for Cubans. Our status upon reaching U.S. shores actually had little to do with so­called "political pandering to the powerful Cuban­exile lobby," and everything to do with something called the Refugee Relief Act signed into law by President Eisenhower in August 1953 to assist Iron Curtain refugees. 

"Came Castro's Stalinist regime in 1959 and Cuba’s became a regime more oppressive than East Germany’s or Hungary’s and the Florida straits became a barrier far deadlier than the Iron Curtain. In fact, over twenty times as many Cubans died trying to breach it than Germans attempting to breach the Berlin Wall.

"Essentially the Cuban Adjustment Act of 1966 simply codified the 1953 Refugee Relief Act for victims of tropical Stalinism." . . .

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