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Saturday, January 14, 2017

American Silliness; Jan 14, 2017

Using absurdity to illustrate absurdity: Can Chelsea Manning be pardoned for crimes committed while 'she' was a man?
"Chelsea Manning, who as Bradley Manning was convicted of espionage and aiding the enemy, is requesting that President Obama pardon "her" for "her" crimes and release "her" from jail.  But liberals would agree that Chelsea committed these crimes as a man and maintains that he is a woman now.  So, by their logic, how can Manning be pardoned for acts committed when he was a completely different gender, basically a completely different person?
. . .  
. . . "Not everything has been great for Mr. Manning, of course; he has tried to kill himself several times and was alarmed when his guards were briefly replaced with Arab secret agents.  He has also been denied permission to cut off his penis, which upsets him greatly, and is understandable – what woman wants to have a penis hanging around?
Questions for discussion:
1) Could Obama issue two pardons for Manning, one for each gender?" . . .

Ted Cruz Smacks Democrats For Hypocrisy… Defends Jeff Sessions… Laughs At Code Pink  . . . "During the confirmation hearing on Tuesday for Jeff Sessions, the circus came to town. It was choreographed by Medea Benjamin of Code Pink infamy. They had people there dressed as the KKK and others wearing pink tiaras. They screamed for Black Lives Matter. And Ted Cruz did exactly what he should have done as they were being escorted from the chambers… he laughed at them.". . . Sen. Cruz is more than willing to confront them

No, this ain't basketball: White Women's March Madness
. . . "Molly wants to rescue nearby male passengers, fighting for their lives in the frigid sea. Her lifeboat is less than 200 feet from the men screaming for help. The crew refuse, stating that the suction of the sinking ship will drag them under; rather than rowing towards the men, they must get away as quickly as possible. Undeterred, Molly persists:
I don’t understand a one of you. What’s the matter with you? It’s your men back there! We got plenty a’ room for more.
In response, Molly is told that if she says another word, there will be one less occupant in the boat. None of the other passengers come to Molly’s defense. And so they leave; their sons, brothers, husbands and fathers knowingly betrayed and abandoned to await their cruel death."
. . . "Older white men are judged generically and unfairly, embodying Clinton’s basket of deplorable traits: racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, and misogynistic. Why aren’t white women saying no? No! My dad and grandfathers and uncles do not possess these awful traits." . . .

Inauguration Workers Cover Up 'Don's Johns' on Portable Toilets on Capitol Hill  . . . "The name of the Virginia-based portable toilet rental company is apparently too close to that of the president-elect for inauguration organizers." . . .

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