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Monday, January 9, 2017

People of the Hollywood Bubble vs. the Deplorables

Political Cartoons by Mike Lester

Thomas Lifson: Trump Derangement Syndrome derails the Golden Globes
Self-pity is not an audience-builder, Ms. Streep.  Coming in the midst of an event full of people wearing clothing costing thousands of dollars, drinking fancy wine, and eating fancy food, it is downright repulsive.Ms. Streep is intelligent enough to know that Donald Trump does not vilify foreigners.  Quite the contrary – he has married two of them.  He does not want people to come here illegally, but the left dishonestly conflates illegals with the honorable people who follow our laws and come here with the blessing of the law. 
. . . "Empathy does not extend to the Carrier workers who were laid off, only to be kept in their jobs thanks to Donald Trump.  Empathy does not extend to the family of Kate Steinle, murdered by a sanctuary city policy." . . . 

Meryl Streep’s Speech Was An Unfunny Joke But Her Fawning Over The Press Is Hilarious  . . . "Streep called on the press to be hard on Trump and people are cheering but have they all been asleep the last eight years?
"Think about the IRS scandal for a moment. The media did all they could to forget that story. Imagine if the IRS under President Trump was targeting liberal groups and making it almost impossible to get their tax-exempt status? If people found out veterans died waiting for care in a Trump administration, the press would go out of their freaking minds. For Barack Obama, it was barely a blip on the radar. Nobody was fired. Nobody was held to account. Nothing.
"The media yawned." . . .

But the White House loved it.

It didn't take long for President-Elect Trump to hit back With this amen from :  . . . "Americans are exceedingly fed up with Hollywood and these actors. You don’t speak for us and we do not admire, look up to or follow you. Trump will be inaugurated in a few days and they will really start screaming then. Good. You people don’t live in the real world and you don’t put food on our tables. You are nothing more than entertainment. " . . .

De Niro on Trump last October

Robert De Niro appears to soften tone on Trump  "The “Raging Bull” actor’s comments appear to be a complete turnaround from the disparaging remarks he made about the real estate mogul in October.
"Of Trump, De Niro said "he's a punk, he's a dog, he's a pig, he's a con, a bulls--- artist, a mutt who doesn't know what he's talking about.' "

Did you watch the Golden Globes last night and hear what the entertainment industry people had to say about Trump?
" . . .last Saturday, the most elite and celebrated people celebrated the last of The Presidency called Obama with waffles in the White House.
"And then they jetted back to L.A. to dress in even prettier clothes to celebrate themselves with awards — golden globular awards — and to take shots from their La La Land* at the new celebrity President, the one whose opponent they all backed, and somehow they think we could care what nastiness they lobbed at Trump."

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