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Monday, January 9, 2017

The Selective Empathy of Meryl Streep

American Thinker  "Empathy – feeling what other people are feeling during dramatic moments – is part of an actor’s toolbox. And as an acclaimed actor, Streep no doubt prides herself on her capacity for empathy.

"But there are plenty of people whose feelings don’t show up on Streep’s screen. She didn't publicly care as far as I know:
"When Planned Parenthood (PP) personnel crushed and crunched babies while being careful to save valuable body parts.  If Streep and others weren’t sickened when they saw these women talking calmly about crushing and crunching babies they don’t have a heart. PP, with the supporting cast of Hollywood, Democrats, the media and the Obama Justice Department, deserve a Golden Globe for a fictional screenplay by saying that PP did not break the law and did not sell the body parts for a profit when the tapes clearly show otherwise. Paraphrasing Meryl Streep’s words,  PP used their power and privilege to kill human beings that had no ability to fight back.  Clearly these babies that were killed were human beings or their human body parts would not have been valuable. The media, Hollywood and Democrats  are all big admirers of Margaret Sanger who wanted abortion to build a cleaner race," . . .
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Hat tip to James G. Needham  "Meryl Streep demonstrated why the caliber of her acting skills do not set her apart from any other Fake News dupe."

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