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Saturday, January 28, 2017

President Obama and the bust of Churchill

"Why did the British P.M. give President George W. Bush a bust of Churchill after 9/11?  America was attacked by Islamic extremists.  Sir Winston Churchill had a colorful history dealing with the Muslim world.  He was more famous for several quotes on the scourge of Islam than he was on white British exceptionalism.  If Obama was irked that a bust of Churchill was in the Oval Office, then Churchill's quotes on Muslims and Islam would have sent him over the cliff." 

Mark A. Hewitt  "On Inauguration Day, President Trump entered the Oval Office and welcomed a familiar friend: the bust of Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill.  During President Trump's first meeting with a foreign leader, Prime Minister Theresa May, the pair posed in the Oval Office in front of the bust of Winston Churchill.  "This is the original, folks, in many, many ways," the president told the press.  "It's a great honor to have Winston Churchill back."

"The bronze by Sir Jacob Epstein had enjoyed a special place in the White House after the September 11, 2001 attacks during President Bush's tenure.  However, when the newly inaugurated President Barack Obama discovered the Epstein bronze of Churchill in the Oval Office, he had the bust packed and shipped out of the White House faster than the speed of hate. 
"The Obama White House rejected the notion that the Churchill bust had ever been returned.  "The bust is still in the White House.  In the Residence.  Outside the Treaty Room."  A ridiculous staged 2010 photo was circulated to prove there was a bust of Churchill in the White House with the caption "President Barack Obama shows Prime Minister David Cameron of the United Kingdom a bust of Sir Winston Churchill in the private residence of the White House."  According to the White House archives, the White House has had a bust of Winston Churchill since the 1960s. 
"Diplomats were reluctant to admit or discuss the whereabouts of the Churchill bronze after its ejection from the seat of American power.  But " . . .

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