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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

It looks like China has finally gotten sick of North Korea… for now

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Hot Air  "After the assassination of Kim Jong-nam by the “LOL girl” and her partner, Ed Morrissey asked whether or not such a blatant and provocative move might finally wake up China. It didn’t take terribly long for us to find out the answer. Traditionally, the Chinese have paid little more than lip service to sanctions and other disciplinary measures taken by the international community against the reclusive dictatorship in North Korea. But this episode of murder in broad daylight playing out for all to see in the international media seems to have been a bridge too far at long last for China. In a rare and potentially crippling move, effective today the Chinese are suspending all imports of coal from Kim Jong-un ‘s empire. (Washington Post)"
The ban on imported coal is supposed to run through the end of this year. Assuming they actually implement this policy and stick with it, this is a major blow against North Korea. Coal is their primary export and the Chinese are among the only nations who will do any business with North Korea these days. A move like this will really hit Kim Jong-un in the wallet and that is perhaps the only sort of rebuke the diminutive dictator would take to heart.

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